Two people sitting down and having coffee

     (The ultimate symbol of emotional intimacy

          [to celibate 50s nostalgists

           with a caffeine addiction];

       The key to Romance in many a sense.)

The slight glance interrupting the profound silence

     (The silence only gained through verbose noodling

          [his desparate attempt to be Cary Grant –

           the not-so-wise-cracks in the absence of wit];

      The universal shy glance of true love.)

Their eyes meet and existence ceases

     (The coffee growing colder in the emotional warmth

          [their self-absorption transferred

           to another solipsistic soul];

      The longing for a connection unstimulated.)

They pay for their coffee and their intimacy

     (The walk outside and the last rites for his nerves

          [the consolation of their mutual experience

           the assured reciprocation of a kiss];


They kiss

     (And they part



      My film is over.)

I down my coffee

     (I get another

          [look at my notebook

           and sigh];

      Love always works.)


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